Lightning Round OT: Cliffs Natural and Paccar

Cliffs Natural :
Jim recommended the sale of this stock at $88 per share, but had no idea it would go all the way down to $19 per share. "This is complete and utter hedge funds gone wild" said Cramer. With hedge fund liquidators driving the share prices down, "This one is worth so much more than it is selling for, but SO WHAT" warned Cramer. It's got sellers that need to go. Jim is bearish on CLF.

Cramer thinks that PACCAR is an unbelieveable company that has been swept up with some of the other trucking names and absolutely crushed during the downturn in stocks. Looking ahead a couple of years, if you're willing to give it that length of time, Jim expects that it will end up making you some money. (Cramer typically doesn't like to make long term calls on the show. He believes its a cop out. But, in this case he really likes Paccar, and he thinks it's a winner.)

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