And Now ... A New ETF With CNBC Flavor

Hey, you may not have known it, but CNBC and the FTSE have a joint world index. It's made up of 300 stocks around the world (hence the name ... the FTSE-CNBC Global 300). You can find it here.

Now there's a ETF from Northern Trust Global Investments based on this index. This ETF would be competitive with other ETFs based on world indexes, like iShares S&P Global 100 Index Fund; iShares ACWI Index Fund, and the Vanguard Total Market Index Fund (based on FTSE All-World index).

Check out this video for details ...

Of course, our anchors give Steve Schoenfeld, Northern Trust's chief investment officer, some pointed questions about the ETF market generally and the recent performance of the Blue Chip stocks that make up a good chunk of the index. Of course he makes a good case that eventually the world will get better and if you want to make a bet on the world, this is one way to do it.

Now a lot of people don't realize it, but indexes are business products. You get money for making them, branding them, and using them. And money is moving around in this case as well. CNBC, FTSE and Northern Trust have a financial relationship related to the NETS FTSE CNBC Global 300 Fund.

Nevertheless, it's new, and our page tracking the index components is new (and kinda cool), and I just wanted to let you know about.