UPDATE: Ratigan - Limit Company Size and Encourage Short Selling


Limit Company Size and Encourage Short Selling

By Dylan Ratigan (penned for IcahnReport, Carl Icahn's blog)

If you read Carl Icahn's blog regularly you might have noticed that the billionaire had a guest blogger today. Our own Dylan Ratigan penned a few words and we thought you'd find them interesting.

A Future in Question

Dylan writes, "Warren Buffett recently urged us all to follow his lead in buying American stocks during this fear-driven down market, invoking his common sense wisdom of being greedy when others are fearful and being fearful when others are greedy."

"While I appreciate and agree with Buffett that it may be a good time to invest in this great country's long-term future, I also think there is a lot the Warren Buffetts of the world can do right now to help ensure a prosperous future."


If you watch Fast Money regularly then you know that another thing Dylan feels strongly about is short-selling.

On the Icahn blog Dylan writes, "There is a reason why CEOs who helped get us into this mess regularly blame short sellers for their failures. It is because short selling forces CEOs to either disclose what they are doing or suffer consequences for their secrecy."

On CNBC's Closing bell Dylan spoke with Oppenheimer's Carter Worth who also had a few things to say about short-selling. "It is an odd thing. There are people who believe the somehow short-selling is un-American. The reality is, it’s a very important part of the market. It’s time tested and it should continue," Worth says.

Intrigued? Dylan always solicits smart and forward thinking ideas.

Want to read more? Just click here and we'll take you right to Dylan's post on Carl Icahn's blog, IcahnReport.

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