CPI Details: Where the costs are falling (and rising)

The Consumer Price Index had its biggest one month drop ever. The CPI numbers came in this morning down 1% for the month, exceeding expectations. The core rate, excluding energy and food, also fell .1%. On a year over year basis, inflation is now running just under 3.7%.

Here is a breakdown of the inflation benchmark to show you where costs are rising and falling most. For October, energy prices were down a record 8.6% down but still up 11.6% over one year ago.

  • CPI: Down -.96%
    • Ex Food & Energy: Down -.07%
    • Food: Up +.25%
    • Energy: Down -8.57%
  • Housing: Down -.04%
  • Apparel: Down -.97%
  • Transportation: Down -5.37%
  • Medical Care: Up +.17%
  • Recreation: Up +.08%
  • Education & Communication: Up +.22%
  • Other Goods & Svcs: Up +.26%

The better than expected economic news is not looking like it will help the markets this morning as futures continue to sink. Focus continues to be on the broader economic slowdown and the hearings in Washington where the Big 3, GM , Ford, and Chrysler look for a piece of the bailout pie.

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