David Pogue's Guide to Green Gadgets

This week is all about going green and saving green at the same time. On Wednesday, New York Times personal technology editor David Pogue rounded up the top green gadgets.

They included Apple’s latest MacBook, which scores both an Energy Star rating and a gold rating from the Green Electronics Council for using less packaging, an LED screen and recycled glass to make the computer run on the same amount of energy as a light bulb.

There’s the Medis fuel cell portable charger, which is the world’s first fuel cell for handheld devices and also happens to be recyclable and ready to use for up to 18 months without batteries to check.

And if going green really gets you moving, Pogue pointed out the Bionic Power pack, which generates power based on how much you move your body.

Down the line, look out for the Krank lamp, which will be the world’s first hand-cranked lamp, forcing you to do the work to make the light shine.

Finally, Pogue highlighted the Black & Decker Energy Saver Series Power Monitor. Basically, the device is a thermostat that you attach to your electricity meter on the outside of your house and it shows you how much money you’re spending on power in real time. Turn off the A/C, watch the price go down. Pogue called it a powerful behavior medication tool by showing you the true cost of leaving the lights on.

The greening of electronics is being driven by the consumer, Pogue said. While these products will save you money by cutting your energy costs, they still carry a premium – for now. Call it the price you pay for helping the planet.