Tech Stock Picks — And Pans (Pt. 1)

The rules for investing in technology have changed as much as the markets themselves. Mike Burnick, director of research at Weiss Capital management, and Kim Caughey, portfolio manager at Fort Pitt Capital Group, offered CNBC their tech stock picks — and pans.

Burnick's Recommendations:
(See Part 2 for Caughey's picks and pans)

"Retail hit a wall at the end of the third quarter, going into the fourth," noted Burnick. "[So] I'd focus on the big cap, blue chip names that'll pay a nice dividend while you wait for the shares to rebound."

He likes IBM , Intel and Texas Instruments .

Burnick's Pans:

"Apple is one of the ones I'd be cautious about, because of the downturn in consumer spending."

He also cautioned against investing in Nokia .

(See Part 2 for Caughey's picks and pans)


Disclosure information was not available for Burnick or his company.