Who Will Be the Next Treasury Secretary?

Who will be the next Treasury Secretary? The debate and speculation continues.

Two weeks ago we ran a poll on the likely contenders. Readers slightly favored Timothy Geithner, president of the New York Federal Reserve over Paul Volcker, the Federal Reserve chairman who steered the nation out of its 1970s economic quagmire.

Nevertheless, other economic names — Jon Corzine (the governor of New Jersey and a former Goldman Sachs executive), Larry Summers (who spent some controversial time as president of Harvard) and Robert Rubin (also a former Goldman executive, currently a director at Citigroup), and Sheila Bair (FDIC Chairman) — got some reader support as well.

And there were some great write-ins as well (Warren Buffett, Wilbur Ross, and a slew of Jim Cramer fans).

We thought we'd take the Treasury Secretary temperature again to see if the last couple of tumultuous weeks have changed readers' attitude.

So tell us ... who should be the next Treasury Secretary?

Hugh McColl who led NCNB, Nations Bank and Bank of America would be my choice. — Brenda

I think Forbes or Romney would be great. — Dave

Bill Gates, Paul Allen, or Warren Buffet are my choices. — ARod

Anyone other than ex-Goldman , ex-JP or ex-WallSt. They may be good but been an ex-WallSt brings in some bias in ther decision making. — Adwait

The best choice for Treasury Secretary would be either Ron Paul or Peter Schiff! — Laura

Paul Krugman should be at the top of this list. The Nobel Laureate has an understanding of the need for a strong fiscal response to this crisis. — Justin

Timothy Geithner has the credentials and the market know how to do the job. — Joe

I think Bill Gross from Pimco understands the urgency of the situation and would consider it at this point. — Teresa

Volcker is the obvious choice to handle this crisis. Paulson has been too short sighted. — Nancy

Ron Paul. He understands financial matters more than anyone else in DC and predicted this crisis back in 2003. — Subir

Obama has to persuade Paulson to stay, you can't replace the surgeon in the middle of the operation. — Raghuveer

Obama's best choice would be Paulson. He and his staff together with Bernanke are dealing with the problem as well as anyone Obama would pick. — Hal

Definitely someone "outside" of Washington D.C., a non-politician, either Jim Cramer or Warren Buffet!! — John

Robert Rubin would be the best based on his past record. — Donald

Larry Summers is best qualified for the post of Treasury Secretary. He is experienced, well educated and capable to handle this tough job. — Anup

Ron Paul is the perfect canidate. Not only is he an outsider in the GOP he has been right about the market from the start. — Andy

Sheila Bair for Treaury Secretary and put Geithner at FDIC. Bair's focus is mitigating foreclosure effects on housing and people. — Mike

CNBC's own Jim Cramer. BooYahh! — Daniel

The choice of Treasury Secretary should be obvious! Mike Bloomberg!! — Edge

Jamie Dimon hands down—he will run US government spending and monetary strategy with as tight a fist and eye on the end game as he does JPMorgan, which is a great thing. — Jen

My vote is Mitt Romney. He's brilliant at what he does. — Brett

Paul Krugman for Treasury Secreatry. The most brilliant economist of our time. He has a real understanding of our economic history. — Hugo

Larry Summers is the smartest, and as a woman, I care more about my money than about some silly statement he made at Harvard about women's capabilities. — Kathleen

Michael Bloomberg. He's a no nonsense financial guru that isn't afraid to stand up and make the best fiscal decisions even if they're politically unpopular. — MJ

Ron Paul is my man. He talks common sense, but unfortunately does not have financial and political representation. — Ivan

Sheila Bair. She's more decisive and strategic. The only one with a focus on Main Street and putting ideas and solutions into play. She can hit the ground running. — Jay

We need someone who can communicate better, like a Sheila Blair or Governor Corzine. — Louisa

Paul Volcker, at least for the first year...A proven performer with a no nonesense non-political approach to solving problems. — Gary

Warren Buffet. He's an economic genius! — Kelly

Anyone NOT affliated with Goldman Sachs. — Judy

Congressman Ron Paul... he's been right about the economy all along. — Mike

I'll take Volker regardless of his age. He's the only one that can be trusted. — Chaz

Cramer would be highly efficient in this role. He has bright ideas about finance and economy. — Albert

Sheila Bair because she has a grasp of today's issues better than most and she is not an ex Goldman executive — Ralph

Mitt Romney would be my choice...The auto makers gave the democrats $3 million for Obama for president. We need somone who does not own anything to anybody. — Mary

Paul Krugman for Treasury Secretary — Judy

Get someone who knows how to make money such as Warren Buffet. He is making money in this climate he must know what is happening all around so he has my vote. — Bob