Pros Say: A Few Investors 'Sniff' Capitulation

Global stocks took a breather from recent heavy declines Friday and one analyst told CNBC a turnaround could be due for the major indexes. Meanwhile oil's recent price slump could continue, according to one analyst, and fall toward $35 a barrel by year end. Read the latest investment advice from the experts on CNBC below.

A Few Investors 'Sniff' Capitulation

After Thursday's selloff there are a few investors who have been on the sidelines that see strong volume and "sniff" capitulation and a chance to go long, Stephen Pope from Cantor Fitzgerald Europe said.


Oil Bubble Still Bursting

Oil prices could fall to between $35 and $40 a barrel by the end of the year, Phil Roberts from Barclays Capital told CNBC. High volatility could cause the price to tank even sooner than that or give short-lived spikes before the big drop, he added.

"We're coming down to an important support level … we're not exactly convinced that that is going to stem the flow, you may get a $5 - $10 bounce off that low," Roberts said.

There is a risk for more downside to come, he added.

Downside Risk for Dollar-Yen

More downside risks lie for the direction of dollar-yen. Vassili Serebriakov, currency strategist at Wells Fargo explains why he thinks the cross could fall to 90 yen in 3 months or less.

Asian Currencies Under Pressure

Following massive drops in the Rupiah, Rupee and Won to multi-year lows, Sebastien Barbe, senior economist and Strategist at Calyon Corporate & Investment Bank, tells CNBC whether there's light at the end of the tunnel for Asian currencies.


Safe-Haven Bets

Sovereign bonds are a potential safe haven, says Stuart Bennett, senior European economist at Calyon, told CNBC.

Take a Long-Term View

Stephen Wood, senior portfolio strategist at Russell Investment, explains why a long-term approach to investing works best in today's volatile market environment.

Investing in Volatility

With market volatility, Masafumi Yamamoto, head of FX Strategy Japan at the Royal Bank of Scotland, advises investors to take a "sell-on-rally" strategy for the dollar-yen.