Ratigan's View: Demand "Google for Government"


Has our economy hit rock-bottom or can it get even worse? Where can you put your money to keep it safe?

Fast Money's Dylan Ratigan appeared Friday on The View to help answer some of these questions and more.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Dylan warned hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar and guest host Rachael Ray that the economy was likely to "get so much worse than this, you have no idea".

Ratigan explained the problem was due to an out-of-control money supply and easy-money credit environment that eventually just evaporated into next to nothing. As we wait for the effects of this to ripple throughout the entire system, he expects more job losses, less money, and a further drag on housing.

Host Joy Behar asked Dylan, "What's wrong with putting that money back"?

Ratigan responded, "That money is gone. It has gone to money heaven".

The lone piece of good news according to Dylan is that we have an opportunity to fix the problem going forward by demanding accountability of the government, bankers and those who make decisions and policies about our monetary supply.

His solution would be to demand a "Google for Government". This entails contacting your elected representatives in the Congress and telling them "I want to know everything you are doing with my money".

The onus is on the American people to demand this action and overwhelm our politicians to end the business of "keeping secrets and having no accountability".

Dylan believes that this is a now or never opportunity, and getting "Google for Government" would create an access to information that would empower citizens to keep a watchdog eye on what our elected officials are doing with (or by laws and policies to affect) our money.

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