Is There a Bull Market for Airlines in Second Life?

Half Life

Some people consider earnings reports interesting pieces of fiction. Now, you can get all the financial information you want from one company in a completely fictional universe!

Air France-KLM has set up a special site in "Second Life" where investors can get the latest information on the airline company, including "interactive 3D stock market information". Air France-KLM shares (AF on Euronext) are down more than 50 percent this year. I wonder what a 3D stock quote looks like. Red, but with depth. Maybe in Second Life, though, the stock price is up!

Perhaps this new "Island in the Sky" which Air France-KLM has set up in Second Life is an effort to reach out to next-generation investors by looking cutting edge. Not only will the site have space set aside for corporate social responsibility--another must have these days--there will also be a museum showing scale models of aircraft and posters from Air France and KLM. Finally, there's a "lounge" where shareholders can check out photos and corporate videos.Fun!

"The Second Life universe gives our shareholders a place to learn about the Group and exchange information and ideas in a convivial, interactive environment," says Chairman Jean-Cyril Spinetta in a statement. Convivial! Remember, you can drink all you want at the bars in Second Life and never get drunk.

You will need your own personal "jetpack" to fly around the various buildings at the "Island in the Sky." Check out the introduction here. You get to the Island here.

The press release (translated from French?) includes the universal language of corporate/consultant speak: "The unique 'Air France-KLM Island' is designed for the Group's shareholders and proposes an innovative channel for financial communication that allows the shareholders to dialogue 'in world,' while learning about the Group's strategic orientations, as well as plans and prospects for growth, all thanks to regularly-organized forums." Um, quoi? Maybe they mean, "This unique site is a good way to let shareholders know what's happening financially at the Group, and allows them to talk to the company and learn about its plans."

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