Holiday Shopping with Deflated Stocks


Still feeling shocked by how much your portfolio has fallen in value in the past couple of months? With the holidays upon us, here is a look at the purchasing power those shares still have. After all, a share of Berkshire Hathaway can still buy you a Porsche 911.

This weekend, I was looking through the circulars in my Sunday paper and found some good uses for those "worthless" shares. First, let's consider Thanksgiving dinner. You can buy a nice 10 lb. Butterball Turkey for just one share of Microsoft . One share of AIG can add some nice frozen vegetables and a share of General Motors is worth 5 lbs of yams. Note: All share prices are as of Friday's close.

Now for Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, there are some real deals you will find with your not-so-deflated shares. A single share of Google can still buy a 10-Megapixel camera at bankrupt Circuit City. One share of CNBC parent, General Electric can buy you over 100 multicolor light bulbs (not GE-branded) for your tree from Target . Unfortunately, one share of Citigroup on Friday was worth less than Chutes & Ladders or the Candyland game, but with the new TARP money, Citi is looking like it will rally today, if not by Friday. Finally, that Ford share you have been holding on to could make a nice stocking stuffer, big enough to buy a 6 oz. pack of candy canes.

Looking forward to 2009. Happy Holidays!

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