Mad Mail: Altria is a "Screaming Buy"

Q. Jim...

I'd love to give you a big booyah, but as I assume most folks are, I am in the house of pain. I am a 30-year-old investor that's only been in the game a year. I have been buying all the way down, focusing on high-yield, quality stocks like Altria (MO) and Windstream Corp. (WIN). I just added to my position in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), as I was buying on a 4-point scale and hit my magic number intraday.

I don't need the money in the foreseeable future, but as I continue to see dollars dwindle away and just need some reassurance. Am I doing the right thing?


A. Cramer thinks that Windstream's dividend is safe. But, he knows that business has been slowing and is an attractive takeover target. Jim also believes that Altria is a "screaming buy". In terms of WWE , Jim thinks that they'll be safe, but doesn't like that they just missed their recent quarter.



I have been listening, I know you said that in shipping stocks the only one you would recommend is NAT, NAT, NAT, NAT...I GET IT! Or maybe not. Would you please humor me and explain how Excel Maritime Carriers (EXM), with "apparent" excellent fundamentals and now a very high accidental yield, is selling around $5 a share? Will the economy and pirates wipe out the dry bulk industry? I was asleep at the wheel last week when I could have had a handy profit (oink, oink). Throw this dog a bone, I promise to listen better...



A. Cramer doesn't know much about the shipping business, but trusts Nordic American Tanker's CEO who says they have the cleanest balance sheet in the industry. He says go with NAT.

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Note: Jim's Charitable Trust owns Altria (MO).