Top Picks: Education, Energy, Infrastructure

As we end a rather nasty 2008 and head into a new year that doesn't hold much optimism, Jared Levy, senior market specialist at Financial Markets Education sees investment potential in education, infrastructure and energy.

Education is a sector that Levy likes. Especially trade-education service companies like Apollo Group and DeVry , as with unemployment rising rapidly, they will reap the benefits of more people returning to school to learn a new skill or trade, Levy predicts.

Exxon Mobil is an attractive investment for Levy as the company has its "hands in a ton of different pots" and is also exploring alternative energy.

"They're still doing well; still making money; and their stock is moving higher," he said on Exxon's performance despite a lower oil price.

Shares of U.S. infrastructure companies have soared recently after President-elect Barack Obama announced intentions to improve the sector.

But Levy still likes Martin Marietta Materials , calling it "the best in breed" in the infrastructure sector.