Financial Times Launches Major Online Special Report on Carbon Management

The Financial Times today announces the launch of a major new online report, The Business of Carbon Management. In a departure from the traditional print format, the report will feature a series of videos, slideshows and interactive graphics. The report can be viewed at from 29 October 2008.

The report, sponsored by IBM, will feature original and independent FT content looking at the critical issue of managing a company’s carbon footprint. Presented in an engaging and interactive format, visitors to the site will be guided through a comprehensive report addressing corporate strategy, regulation, IT and carbon management in emerging markets, amongst other topics.

Michael Skapinker, FT Special Reports Editor, said: "This is an innovative online project, demonstrating through a series of videos how companies worldwide are managing their carbon emissions."

In addition, CNBC’s Creative Solutions division have worked with IBM to create five short videos, highlighting points for any business to consider when reducing its carbon footprint. The videos will be hosted on, and feature on CNBC across EMEA.

Jon Slade, Global Online and Strategic Advertising Sales Director, Financial Times, commented: “This project delivers a unique campaign as well as showcasing an exciting innovative approach from our editorial team. The FT approach is to consider the brand and audience before the media channel and this campaign with CNBC for IBM is the natural evolution of this.”

Paul Maraviglia VP European Sales Director, EMEA, at CNBC said, “The combined force of CNBC and the FT enables us to offer advertisers a truly integrated solution that engages a difficult to target, affluent and influential audience.”

Graham Whitney, Chair, Energy and Environment Programme, IBM UK, said "Climate change is now a business imperative and we are working with companies across many markets to reduce their energy use and carbon while implementing climate protection as part of our own strategy. The collaboration with Financial Times and CNBC gives us the opportunity to highlight the major challenges companies face now energy and climate related issues are at the top of their agenda."

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