Car Buyers: Do You Have Any Loyalty To Big 3?

For the last month, the e-mails I've received about my blogs (yes, I do read every e-mail and respond to many of them) have generally fallen into the following categories:

* Congress can't let the Big 3 go under.

* Who cares! Let 'em go bankrupt.

* Whether they sink or survive, I am never buying another Big 3 car.

* Through thick or thin we're sticking by Detroit's auto makers.

The last two I find particularly interesting. They often include personal stories from people who have bought a Chevy, Dodge, or Ford for years and have either loved or hated the experience. There's rarely an "in-between." I bring this up because it hits to the heart of something I have heard much about when it comes to the Big 3: Loyalty.

Does it matter much these days? Should GM, Ford, and Chrysler expect Americans to give them another shot if Congress bails them out? On the other hand, why should loyalty matter if you've bought cars or trucks that have broken down?

I want to hear from you about this. E-mail me your stories. Tell me that you are a fifth generation Chevy guy who will always stand by Chevy. Or tell me if you are a former Chevy fan who has given up on the bow tie. And tell me why loyalty does or does not matter any more.

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