Market Tips: Stay in the US, China and Energy

A day after the US government's unveiling of a new $800 billion stimulus package, investors approach the markets cautiously, aware of the staggering bill governments have racked up while saving the financial sector.

But CNBC's experts say the bottoming process has begun in stock markets and good value is to be found in US stocks, shares with exposure to China and the energy sector.

Buy US, Japanese Stocks

Ajay Kapur, global strategist at Mirae Asset Securities likes U.S. stocks but Japanese stocks are a very distant second. However, he is completely cold on European equities.

Buy Stocks with China Exposure

Stocks with exposure to China's consumption theme make good investments in the long run, especially if they have been oversold of late. Geoff Lewis, head of investment services at JF Asset Management tells CNBC why.

Treasurys to Yield Zero

Investors looking for safe places for their capital are fast running out of options as US government bonds are set to see their yield sink to practically zero, Nicole Elliott, technical analyst from Mizuho Corporate Bank, told CNBC.

Energy Earnings Seen Positive in '09

Earnings for energy companies are expected to be positive in 2009. Jens Zimmermann, senior equity analyst at ABN Amro Global Private Banking shares his investment strategy in the sector.

Buy Rio - Cautiously!

Rio Tinto is a tentative buy, says Greg Canavan, head of Australasian research Fat Prophets, Sydney.

Stocks Are Bottoming Out

Ajay Kapur, global strategist at Mirae Asset Securities believes equities are in the process of bottoming out and now is the time to buy.

Gold 'Strongest Commodity By Far'

Other than bonds, gold is the other "best idea", Charlie Morris from HSBC Global Asset Management said, calling gold the "strongest commodity by far."Morris predicted the precious metal to move through $1000 in 2009, and $2000 in 2010.

Buy Stocks But Play it Safe

Play it safe with stocks and look for growth companies, Jason Pride, director of research at Haverford Trust, urged investors Wednesday.

"The equity markets are probably the most attractive they've been, relative to the fixed income markets, in 50 years. This is a great opportunity for a long-term buyer," Pride told CNBC.

Stay with quality investments, make sure your investments are going to make it through any period, look for companies that are growing despite the current environment, Pride suggested.

The economy could rebound in the second half of 2009, Pride predicted.