In A Crippled Auto Industry, Reasons To Give Thanks


In all my years as a reporter, I've seen and experienced many Thanksgivings that have touched me. From a family in Lincoln, Nebraska inviting me in to share their feast, to spending the turkey day enjoying a meal with firefighters in Wichita, Kansas. This year, however, I will spend the day with my family and think of workers at an auto supplier in Ohio.

Earlier this week I spent the day at a company as it told approximately 70 workers that some of them will soon be laid off. The reason was not surprising: Business has plunged (due to the auto business hitting the brakes) to the point where the company has no choice but to cut jobs. I've worked in news rooms when layoffs have been announced, and I've covered companies when they've cut thousands of jobs. Neither was easy, but not as rough as seeing the owner of this company tell workers some of them will soon be out of work.

This is not the only company in the auto industry going through this painful exercise. Nor will it be the last. There is a storm hitting this industry, and in the aftermath, many hard-working men and women will find themselves out of a job.

This is not about whether or not you think Congress should bail out the Big Three to keep the industry from collapsing. This is simply about giving thanks if you have a job.

From auto companies in the Midwest to Wall Street firms in New York, thousands of laid off workers will spend these holidays wondering where their next job will be. Blue collar or white collar, it doesn't matter. These people are hurting.

So this Thanksgiving, give thanks for all that you have. Give thanks for your family, your health, and yes for having your job.

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