Following Up on A Father's Plea

It's been a wild ride over the last few weeks, with thousands of comments from all of you out there about layoffs, possible treasury secretaries, 401ks and private jets.

But I didn't want to lose sight of a post that got some readers' attention, even at the height of market panic and worry:

The little girl, Talia Castellano, who needed platelet donations in Florida following chemotherapy.

Many of you wrote in about it:

My heart goes out to little Talia. — Kathy

I think the importance of children has long been overlooked in place of the quest for money. — Stuart

Thank you CNBC. Reminding people that giving can be achieved in times of "financial stress", enriching for all involved. — Fred

Some of you either said you were going to help out or forward the story on to Florida friends who could. It helped.

Talia is doing a lot better now. She is back in New York and still on chemotherapy, but a milder version. And she is apparently responding well. From her father:

Thanks again for all the help on Platelets. She is no longer in need of transfusions as she is making her own Platelets. We had a great outpouring of donors and it made a difference. ...

... As I write this Talia is sitting next to me researching best locations to go see the Thanksgiving Parade. She is feeling great. Needs to put on a little weight and grow a little hair! We went ice skating last weekend at Wollman Rink with Jackson and made a 6 foot leaf pile in which to jump. Probably not a big deal to you suburbanites, but to us city folks a treat.

He urges anyone who still wants to help to visit this Web site dedicated to selling cookies for kids struggling with Talia's type of cancer.

Happy Thanksgiving.