Pros Say: Don't Fight the Fed; Gold Ready to Rally

With stock markets remaining highly volatile some investors are looking to the commodity market to diversify their portfolios. Gold is set to provide solid returns, one analyst told CNBC, but oil could remain range-bound this winter, others said. Get the latest investment advice from the experts appearing on CNBC below.

Don't Fight the Fed

The huge amount of market intervention from the Federal Reserve and other central banks will ultimately turn the market around, Jordan Kimmel from The Magnet Investment Group told CNBC.

Gold Going Higher Next Year

Gold prices have formed a base and they will likely go higher next year, James Turk from GoldMoney told CNBC.

Oil Could Hold Between $50 to $55

Oil will probably trade in the $50 to $55 range if the U.S. experiences a warmer-than-expected winter, says Peter McGuire, managing director of Commodity Warrants Australia.

Oil Likely to Stabilize Around $50: Analyst

Oil prices may stabilize around $50 a barrel, believes Victor Shum, senior principal at Purvin & Gertz. But with the onset of winter, prices may tick higher in January next year, he said.

FTSE Will Rally to Spring: Charts

"A good rally through into spring next year still looks like the right way to bet," Robin Griffiths from Cazenove Capital told CNBC when looking at the FTSE-100. Griffiths recommends buying this "oversold" index.

Top Sector Picks in China

Any stocks directly linked to China's stimulus package will lead the rebound in the Chinese markets, says Gabriel Gondard, deputy CIO at Fortune SGAM Fund Management. He reveals his sector picks to CNBC.

Positive on Taiwan Financials

The new Financial Supervisory Commission chairman will be positive for Taiwanese financials, believes Seow Hock Hin, senior VP of institutional sales at MF Global. He explains why to CNBC.

Expect a Pre-Christmas Rally for Australia

Expect Australian stocks to stage a rally in the lead up to Christmas, says John Veldhuizen, senior analyst from BBY.

Don't Chase This Rally

Robert Howe, CEO of Geomatrix believes we are half-way through our most powerful bear market rally, but he is not chasing this rally. He tells CNBC why.

Euro-Dollar May Weaken to $1.20 by Year-End

The euro could weaken to $1.20 against the dollar by the end of this year, forecasts Simon Grose-Hodge, director & investment strategist at LGT Bank in Liechtenstein. He tells CNBC what is putting pressure on the euro.


The Safest Way to Own Equities

It is still a bit risky to get back into the markets, says Mark Matthews, chief Asia strategist at Merrill Lynch. He advises "indexing" as the safest way for investors to own equities.

Picks & Pans Within Emerging Markets

Investors should remain cautious when investing in the Chinese markets, advises Stefan Hofer, emerging markets strategist at Julius Baer. But he is positive on Brazil.