Analyst Picks: Three Resilient Retailers

We all have our heroes. David Schick's hero is the American consumer, scaling back and scooping up bargains to survive soaring gas prices, plunging employment, and crunching credit.

The reasons behind two of his stock picks are clear; the reasons behind his third stock pick, less so.


The two "easy choices" are Home Depot and Advance Auto Parts.

As economic conditions worsen, the reasoning goes, the consumer will cope by repairing things rather than replacing them, and doing projects, rather than hiring someone to do them.

"Home improvements and auto parts: You can play the cyclicality of the market; hard lines have underperformed a long time; we want to be in them early," Schick, David Schick, Stifel Nicolaus & Co. retail analyst, told CNBC.

Less intuitive is his third pick, luxury retailer Coach.

"We just think the Coach business model is very resilient, that margins will hang in much better than consensus expectations think," he said. "We think this is a company built on a long list of competitive advantages." (See his full comments in the video)


Home Depot and Coach are investment banking clients of Schick's firm, which has also supplied non-investment banking, securities-related services to those companies or their affiliates.