Hey Readers ... What's Your Prediction?

Our prognosticators have taken their shot at guessing what 2009 will hold. Now we'd like to hear from you. Any big mergers? What about the economy? Autos? Drugs? Media?

Channel your inner Nostradamus and let us know. We'll provide some of the more intriguing answers here from time to time.

Due to job losses, two income families will be rare. Daycares will close and we will see an emergence of neighborhoods. — Pat

Housing prices in most of the hardest hit areas will bottom in 2009, but will overshoot the bottom due to foreclosures and then bounce a little back up. — Cheryl

The US will take a turn for the worse at the end of Obama's 100 days in office, around April. — Psychic

Dollar will fall sharply beginning of 2009 and won't come back up for years to come. Gold will be king for a long time to come. — Jet

We will hit bottom sometime before July 2009. Equity markets will rise slowly from that point as volitility eases. Unemployment will spike up and then fall, in 2009 look for it to be 10%. — E

We will have a national health insurance plan for everyone who wants it similar to Medicare. — Sami

There will be a new name for this downturn which will start in 2009 and continue till 2020. Land and housing will be available for $25,000 in California and for $5,000 in other parts with nobody to buy. Greed will be at an all time low, as survival will be the order of the day. — Andy

Unemployment will rise, government will announce a mandatory low mortgage rate (4.5%) to improve housing market. Dow will go below 7000. Major banks will suffer even more... — Faisal

The number of individual investors will increase and they will be much more active. The use of 2x and 3x levered ETFs will rise dramatically. This will increase the impact of impatient, nervous individual investors on the overall market. — Jed

We will go into to a depression in 2009. The government has been lying and propping the markets up...Good luck to all in 2009. — Rob

On the rise: unemployement, personal and business bankruptcies, foreclosures, layoffs, bailouts, McDonalds, Wal-Mart, and pessimisim. On the decline: credit, income, home values, the Dow, auto sales, home sales, retirement, jobs, and The American Dream. — Joe

2009 shall be a continuation of 2008...Market bottom is nowhere in sight. The U.S. dollar looks like it will collapse... — Don

The Down jones Industrial average will drop to 5000 by February, 2009 before making any major moves higher. — David

I think we are going to be seeing slow lumbering correction of how Americans live socially and economically. You will see a gradual drying of credit cards due to the shift from home equity lines to Visa and American Express. The next wave of suffering will probably hit around the 120 day mark after the holidays. — Mat

One department store and several major (anchor or mall tenant) retailers will disappear though bankruptcy or merger. The names will go away and not just change owners. — Jeff

The economic team selected by President Elect Obama will stabilize the US stock market and provide global leadership. Bernanke will bring rates down to 0%. SEC will bring back the Uptick Rule for Short Selling, current SEC Chairman will be replaced. — Anup