Mad Mail: When Will Housing Bottom?

Hey Jim: I wanted to get your take on a series of observations I have regarding the housing market. Currently we are seeing the pricing collapse of the housing market yet this past Thanksgiving I have noticed a series of events that I feel indicate a housing bottom with a resounding return in the spring…Thoughts? Am I am way off base? --Jeremy

Cramer says: Cramer’s sticking with original call that housing will bottom by June 30, 2009.


Cramer: I have been watching the stock price of Herbalife tumble dramatically over the past month or so. What gives? They seem to have capable, if not superior, leadership in place, are continually expanding into more and more countries, and have a quality product with an impressive distribution system. What do you see on the horizon for Herbalife? Great time to buy or time to stay away? --Chad

Cramer says: Herbalife can be bought, especially with that 4.8% yield.

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