Mad Mail: Stocks for Kids

Hey Jim: I have two 1-year-old nephews. They already have more than enough plastic junk to play with, so I'm thinking of buying each of them $50-$75 worth of stocks for Christmas. Any thoughts on cheap stocks that you expect to blossom about the time they'll need cash for college? --Brian

Cramer says: Buy a share of Disney, buy a share of McDonald’s. “…Why? They will go to McDonald’s. They will go to Disney. They will, therefore, learn what they own.”


Jim: Regardless of all the noise with the markets, I just wanted to tell you that your recent appearances on the Today show and your positive, yet cautious, demeanor are a breath of fresh air. Keep your "stick to the facts" approach - it keeps me calm, engaged, and does wonders for the other market watchers out there who look to you for guidance. --Chuck

Cramer says: “…The psychology of it does matter…I was out with two major retailers [Monday] night, and we talked about the notion of how much gloom that one guy coming on at 7:02 on the Today show can cause. I don’t want to be that guy.”


Hey Jimmy!: Can you give us an update on the Marathon Oil split? Will the drop in oil prices affect this decision? --Sam

Cramer says: “Refining’s good. The other part is bad.” Another oil company should buy Marathon. As bad as the oil market might be right now, there’s value to be had. “I think Schlumberger’s cheap.”


Booyah Cramer: What's your take on Vector Group? The stock looks very attractive as a defensive dividend play, but looking at the balance sheet it seems to consistently pay out more money in dividends per share than it makes in earnings per share. What's the deal? --Mac

Cramer says: “A lot of cash flow there, Mac, but I suggest Altria, which actually broke $15 [Tuesday]…it yields 8%.”

Jim’s charitable trust owns Altria and McDonald's.

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