Sponsors Paying For Your Fight

On Saturday night, Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao will fight in Las Vegas. And the biggest story line going is the HBO Pay-Per-View price. At $54.95, Bob Raissman of the Daily News has dubbed it "Boxing's (Last) Price Gouge."

I agree that, with the economy in the dumps, $54.95 means a lot more than it did when the fight was announced -- and that was just in late August. That's why I'm so impressed by what two of the sponsors are doing.

In the name of savings, and of course in the name of getting them to use their products (not always an easy task), Tecate beer and Full Throttle, Coke's energy drink, are helping fans knock dollars off the Pay-Per-View investment. In fact, if you're into these drinks and you're into saving money, you can watch the fight for $14.95.


Full Throttle is offering a $20 rebate on the Pay-Per-View with a purchase of four of its 16-ounce cans. Tecate's $20 rebate comes on buying a 12-pack or larger. It should be noted that in some states, you actually don't have to purchase the items to get the rebate (including New York, Indiana and North Carolina). You can just send in the card that is on point-of-purchase displays in your supermarket. In other states, the promotion doesn't apply.


It seems like getting $40 off will require some work, since both rebates require an original billing statement for your Pay-Per-View, but I still love the effort. Of course, the critics are going to say, you have to spend to save and in the end it might be a wash. But I've never seen something like this before and it's an innovative way to do something that the rest of the pack isn't doing. Nice work, beverage boys.


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