When It's Time to Break Up With Your Bank

Bank loyalty, for better or worse, is becoming a thing of the past. Whereas we used to go to the local bank to make transactions with tellers whose names we probably knew, nowadays things are different. Between skyrocketing fees, online services and – most importantly – our faith in the very banking system - more and more of us are leaving our once-solid banking relationships to start fresh. If switching banks means more convenience, lower fees and less anxiety, then it’s absolutely the right thing to do. But like with any other breakup, you need to make sure your accounts are in order before breaking the news.

Here are the three things to keep in mind when breaking up with your bank:

3. Protect your checks. A big source of identity theft comes from stolen boxes of checks. Make sure you mail your new check to an address where they will be delivered to your door and not just left on the front step. Ask your bank when to expect them and call if they don’t arrive on time.

An extra tip from Carmen: Get personal! Visit your new bank’s local branch and make friends with a teller or customer service rep so you always have someone to call with questions and ask to get fees waived.