Happy Birthday CNBC.com!

Happy Birthday CNBC.com! Today is the second anniversary of the launch of CNBC.com. In just two short years we have grown tremendously. Since December 2006, site traffic is up nearly 3000%. According to Comscore data, CNBC.com is the fastest growing and most engaging business and financial news site on the web.

Over the past two years, we have also seen new market highs and lows. Some companies, like Apple are still up from two years ago, while others like Citigroup are way down. Gasoline is down ~50 cents per dollar. Here is a sample of how the world has changed in two-year's time.

As we get ready for 2009 and our third year, we hope the economy will turn around soon and that we will have much to celebrate next year. Thanks for reading and keep coming back for new additions to CNBC.com.

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