5 Best Gadget Gifts Around $50

From computers to iPods, gadget gifts are hot this holiday, even though they’re also pricey. Here are Carmen’s five hot gadgets that should also fit into your strained budget, coming in well under $100.

1. Arriva Cordless iPod Headphones (for iPod shuffle): The shuffle clips right on so there are no cords to tangle. If you have long hair, you can hide them completely just in case you want to go to a meeting and listen happily without anyone knowing. They also don’t come off when you jog or exercise. Arriva.com, $35

2. Powerstick USB Powered Portable Charger: A tiny product that recharges your device (cell phone, iPod, whatever – there’s a full list of compatible products on the web site) and stores a second full charge inside it. With it, you can travel without all the chargers.
Powerstick.com, $60

3. SOLO CheckFast Laptop Cases: Who doesn’t get annoyed every time they have to take out their laptop at airport security? The FAA has changed the security rules so that now, if it is stored in a certain case so that the laptop itself is flat and not blocked by anything else, you can just put it in the bin and sail through.
Solocases.com, $25-$60

4. MotoACTV w450 Cell Phone (T-Mobile): If you’re apt to drop/run over/step on/throw your cell phone, this one is for you. A ruggedized phone that’s made for campers, bikers and hikers. The phone is drop-proof and comes with a clip so you can latch it to your belt of backpack. It even comes with a Mayo Clinic First Aid application just in case you need to diagnose a snake bite.
Store.Motorola.com, $30 (w/ contract)

5. Custom Photo Blanket: This one is a little more expensive, but it might be worth it. You send a photo to customcreationsunlimited.com and they will knit it into a blanket. There are various sizes and styles to choose from and make a great gift for relatives.
Customcreationsunlimited.com, $70+