CEOs Weigh In on How To Revive Economy

Job losses passed the half-million mark in November as the markets continue to swing like a pendulum and Congress weighs a major restructuring of the Big Three automakers.

To help viewers make sense of the current economic environment, CNBC asked the experts to share their insight.

Economic Pulse

“While we’ve stemmed the panic through stop-gap measures, we haven't yet gotten the American economy working, so now our focus has to be how do we take the next steps to really get the market, the private economy back to normal so people can borrow.”

—John Snow, Former Treasury Secretary & Cerberus Chairman

Railroads & the Economy

“A large part of our business is consumer-related, from autos to housing for lumber and sheet metal, but a large part of our business is also bulk commodities…In the consumer stuff, we’re seeing volumes down in the 5 to 7 or 8 percent range, depends on which commodity. Our bulk businesses are actually performing pretty well. Coal is still year-over-year positive comps, and we expect for coal to have a good year next year, so the railroads will do okay next year.”

—Matthew Rose, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Chairman & CEO

Auto Bailout & the Economy

“I think it’s going to be ugly for the next week, but it is unthinkable to have a catastrophic meltdown of the American industrial might. For it to be swept away because of the fiasco on Wall Street. It may be a bridge loan just to the first quarter…or it may be something larger, but I am convinced that something will be done in the form of a bridge loan…The crisis for our industry is really the financial service sector has not normalized.”

—Mike Jackson, AutoNation Chairman & CEO