Introduction: On the Money Thrival Guide for 2009

It’s time to put this last year behind us. The market may have thrown a big monkey wrench into our money mix, but with the new year comes new opportunities to take control of our money, learn from past mistakes, recover from a tough economy and build our own personal economies back up.

Let’s move away from just surviving, like we did in 2008. Let’s make 2009 all about thriving.

For a special On the Money “Thrival Guide,” Carmen and her team of experts help you do just that, from fortifying investments to making it a truly debt-free year. Read on for the advice you need to take control of your money in ’09.

>>Make It a Debt-Free New Year

>>Buyer Beware: Protect Against Insurance Fraud

>>Three Ways to Supercharge Your Savings

>>Web Extra: Where to NOT Put Your Money