Wal-Mart Can Save America?

What would be worse for America, the failure of GM or the failure of Wal-Mart? Or, which would be worse, the failure of Wall Street of the failure of Wal-Mart?

Both are stupid questions. Wal-Mart will never fail.

Chef James Brisson is "The Wall Street Chef," a veteran developer of global food products. He loves to analyze the stock market as much as he loves figuring out how to successfully mass produce frozen gourmet meals (which ain't easy people).

Brisson is also a huge fan of Sam Walton. He's been calculating just how massive, and massively successful (at any cost?), the retail behemoth is. Here are the results of his research:

1 . At Wal-Mart, Americans spend $36,000,000 every hour. Of every day.

2 . This works out to $25,000 - Every minute!

3. Wal-Mart will sell more from January 1 to St. Patrick's Day than Target sells all year.

4. Wal-Mart revenue is larger than Home Depot + Kroger + Target + Sears + Costco + Safeway combined. Wal-Mart revenue is 6 times Target's.

5. Wal-Mart employs 2+ million people and is the largest private employer.

6. Wal-Mart is the largest company in the history of the World.

7. Wal-Mart now sells more food than Kroger & Safeway combined. And keep in mind it did this in only 15 years.

8. During this same period, 31 Supermarket chains sought bankruptcy (including Winn-Dixie) mainly because of Wal-Mart's competition.

9. Wal-Mart now sells more food than any other store in the world.

10. Wal-Mart has approx 3,600 stores in the USA of which 2,447 are SuperCenters; this is 1,000 more than it had 5 years ago.

11. This year, 7.2 billion different purchasing experiences will occur at a Wal-Mart store. (Earth's population is approximately 6.5 billion.)

12. 90% of all Americans live within 15 miles of a Wal-Mart

13. Maybe Wal-Mart should help in bailing out Wall Street??? (from Jane: Wal-Mart didn't become Wal-Mart by making losing bets.)


See the attached image making the email rounds, a "coupon" from the FDIC. Thanks to Gary L.:


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