Three Stocks With 'Real Growth Potential'

Investors have a wide range of choices, but Eric Schoenstein of the Jensen Portfolio says equities remain the best bet in the long run.

Which equities to pick?

"You've got to start thinking more clearly about fundamentals of businesses, quality businesses that have real growth potential, cash flow generation opportunities, and the fact that they have staying power in markets like this," he told CNBC.


Schoenstein likes companies that are selling products that consumers need, like Procter & Gamble.

"Twenty-four brands around the globe, a billion dollars apiece in sales, they have opportunities to continue to push those products, and those are things that consumers are going to continue to have to have in their households, regardless of what kind of income streams they have," he said.

Also on his list, Abbott Laboratories, as a dividend play.

"Very stable revenue base, lots of diversity across product lines, and a nice dividend yield, somewhere in the 2.6, 2.7 percent range, it'll do returns in both stock and dividend," he said.

Schoenstein also recommends defense giant United Technologies.


Disclosure information for Eric Schoenstein was not immediately available.