Why Kudlow And Cramer Are The Sexiest Men Alive

This is from GT McDuffy and is from his blog BloggingStocker.

Yes, George Clooney's hot. So is Brad Pitt, I suppose. Women love 'em. Men want to be like them. Yeah, sure.

Bur, they pale in "hotness" when stacked up against the pure and unadulterated sexiness of CNBC's Larry Kudlow and Jim Cramer. What defines sexy?

To me- it's a man (or woman) who is unafraid to state his case- and stick by his beliefs, to the bitter end. Like a knight fighting for his King and Country, come hell or high-water.

Oprah's incredibly sexy. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She knew Barrack Obama's place and time in history had arrived- and she launched a successful crusade in the face of overwhelming odds and disbelief. She helped change the course of history. She's done this a lot. She's hot.

Henry Paulson's not so sexy. He waivers too much, Real men don't waiver. Real men are smart men- they make the right decisions, so they don't have to waiver.

So why are Kudlow and Cramer so darn hot and sexy? Read full blog here.