Market Tips: Stay Skeptical about the Rally

Monday's market rally was short-lived with Asian stocks making humble gains while European stocks fell Tuesday. In the midst of the market volatility, experts tell investors to tread carefully around the rallies but that there are some signs of a market bottom.

A real recovery in technology stocks is expected for 2010, but now is the time to hold some telecom stocks, analysts interviewed by CNBC say.

Remain Skeptical About the Rally

Investors should remain skeptical about the rally, advises Sean Darby, head of regional strategy at Nomura International. He suggests playing this through owning some of the listed exchanges in Asia.

Stock Rally is 'Dubious': Strategist

"Compared with where we were at this time a year ago, equities are cheap, there's no question about that. But we remain really dubious about the sustainability of this market rally that we've seen just in the last few days," Stephen Koukoulas from TD Securities told CNBC.

Some Signs of a Market Bottom

The U.S. markets could be on the verge of a turn as Milton Ezrati, partner, senior economist & market strategist at Lord Abbett sees some signs of a market bottom.


Prepare for Bear-Market Rally

Get ready for a bear-market rally in the Australian markets, say Don Williams, portfolio manager at Platypus Asset Management and Chris Kimber, senior advisor at Bell Potter.

Choose HK & Korea Over China & India

Salman Haider, MD & head of wealth management at Citibank Singapore prefers the markets in Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan over those in China, India and Southeast Asia.

How to Invest in the Midst of Volatility

Volatility will continue to plague the markets going into the first-quarter of 2009, believes Salman Haider, MD & head of wealth management at Citibank. He tells investors how best to position their portfolio in this "Protect Your Wealth" segment.

A Real Tech Recovery Only in 2010

Forecasts for a tech recovery in the second-quarter of 2009 are too optimistic, opines Bhavin Shah, MD & head of global technology research at JPMorgan Securities. He only sees a real improvement in 2010.

Hold a Basket of Telco Stocks

Cell phone tower, telcom, telecom
Cell phone tower, telcom, telecom

Now is a good time to hold on to a basket of telecommunication stocks, according to Sean Darby, head of regional strategy at Nomura International.

Greenback to Weaken in 2009

The greenback will probably weaken in 2009, says John Kyriakopoulos, head of currency strategy at NAB Capital. He tells CNBC that when the yield curve begins to steepen led by the long-end, that would be a signal to sell the dollar.

Can Aussie-Dollar Retest $0.70?

If the euro-dollar pushes toward $1.30 or above, there's scope for the Aussie-dollar to get into $0.67-$0.70 range, says Tony Morriss, senior currency strategist at ANZ Bank.

Ireland's Continental Could Jump 30%

Irish Continental Group's pending takeover by the Philip Lynch-led Moonduster consortium could see the shipping company's shares jump by more than 30 percent in three weeks if the European Union says yes to the deal, Stefan Muller from Proprietary Partners Fund told CNBC.

Hoping for Market Calm

If stocks can edge sideways for a while then 2009 will be a good time to jump back into the market, Rob Morgan from Dearden, Maguire, Weaver, and Barrett, told CNBC Tuesday.