Help America: Buy Scotch (The Tape)

In an effort to save the US economy, no initiative may be too small, or too lame. Ok, maybe this one is.

According to David Moye at Flash News, someone named Jon Bailey has declared today "Purple Tuesday." Bailey is encouraging Americans to "stick" together and buy Scotch Tape, as much Scotch Tape as possible--"enough to last three or four years." So, like, $12 worth? $12 times 300 million Americans is $3.6 billion! I guess the purple in Purple Tuesday is for the packaging? Scotch is owned by 3M.

Bailey says he owns no 3M shares, but he believes that if enough people buy enough tape today, it will force analysts "beating the drumbeat of negativity" to be forced to explain the sudden boost in holiday sales.

On the heels of yesterday's blog on how the GPS needs a GPS, it happened again. I landed at Newark Airport and picked up my Hertz rental with Never Lost installed, to drive into Manhattan. Now, you may be asking yourselves, why would you rent a car to drive into Manhattan? BECAUSE I'M FROM LOS ANGELES. We have to drive ourselves everywhere. Plus, I consider Manhattan driving a grown-up 3D videogame. If I can make it here, I'll make it anywhere. I knew where I was headed to, but I still insisted on using the GPS. Once again, the GPS wanted to steer me wrong. I was driving east on 52nd street, and it told me I needed to make four right turns to end up on...52nd street. I almost believed it. But, for once, I ignored it. Good thing.

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