Time to Accumulate Stocks

This week's Santa rally has led nervous investors wondering if it is a good time to exit volatile equity holdings. Afterall, experts warn the upswing has all the signs of a bear market rally.

Long-term investors, however, are taking the opposite approach, saying this is not the time to be selling but to be buying on-the-cheap.

"If you've stayed with your long-term assets like equities or even long-term bonds, then it's not the moment to sell them," Thierry Apoteker CEO, founder & chief economist at T-A-C Financial said on CNBC's "Protect Your Wealth".

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Apoteker emphasized that valuations are "so ridiculously low" that his advice would be to buy on-the-cheap in order to average the cost of one's portfolio.

"For some of the very large multi-national corporations with very stable businesses over the long run, the prices now are so compellingly low that you are protecting your wealth by getting into stocks now," Apoteker said.

He adds that one has to be very discriminate when shopping for stocks. But to be on the cautious side, Apoteker said it is better to wait a couple of months.

The only safe assets, he noted, are deposits at very prime banks, Treasury bills, Treasury notes or to just "keep your money in a safe bank".

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