Tech Stocks: One To Buy, One To Watch

Michael Yoshikami of YCMNET Advisors has a couple of stocks he's keeping his eye on — one to continue watching, and one he sees as an opportunity right now.

The sector is technology.

""You can find opportunities when things drop out of sentiment that maybe are not really as troubled as the asset that caused the overall sector drop in the first place," he said. His example: the recent grim news from Advanced Micro Devices that dragged techs down.


That's why he likes Nvidia.

"Nvidia now is providing graphics services to Apple computers," he noted. "Also, they have a tremendous amount of cash in the bank."

Although he's not buying it right now, he's keeping his eye on Expedia.

"The news is going to continue to be tough, and when it drops a couple of dollars, still a very dominant player," he said. "Travel's going to get very bad — but it's not going to fall off the earth, so I think it's a matter of buying something that's tough, but not a disaster."


Disclosure information for Michael Yoshikami was not immediately available.