Russian Buys Moon


"I would buy you the moon." What is more romantic than that? I mean, no lover really wants to own the moon--cold, lifeless, no day spas--but the sentiment is out of this world.

Apparently Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich isn't into poetic exaggeration. He actually went out and bought a hundred acres of the moon for his fiancée Dasha. Crunch Gear reports Abramovich bought his own personal moonbase through The Lunar Embassy, which claims it is the only company on Earth which can legally sell real estate off Earth--where land is cheap. Lunar land costs $24 an acre (wonder if you buy mineral rights with that?). The price includes a $1.51 "lunar tax." Not sure what that's all about.

Abramovich is not averse to throwing his fortune around. As I earlier reported this year, he bought a home in France for a reported $500 million. That's a half billion--30 of those and you've got an auto bailout.

But apparently even Abramovich has had to tighten up a little in this credit crisis. His upcoming wedding reportedly may not be quite as out of this world as earlier planned. But now his wedding gift is.

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