More On Billy Ripken Obscenity Bat Story

Ripken Family
Ripken Family

Thanks to Billy Ripken for telling his story and everyone who wrote in after seeing our obscenity bat story yesterday. There's one part of the story, which I inadvertently left out.

Ripken said that he thought that Fleer enhanced the writing on his bat. But many of our readers said Ripken was in on the act because the writing on the bat was perfectly positioned so that the card owner could read it.

Here's the part that I left out. Billy did tell me that he thought Fleer engaged in some funny business with the bat as well so that the writing was in the perfect place. The first Photoshop program came out in 1990, but that doesn't mean that there couldn't be some sort of manipulation.

We've admittedly had a hard time finding people who were higher-ups at Fleer at the time. So we're putting it out to our audience. If you or a person you know worked for Fleer and were in on some Ripken card conspiracy, e-mail us at

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