Share Your Billy Ripken Card Stories Here

If you have a great Billy Ripken obscenity bat card story, send it to We'll kick this off with a great e-mail from Simeon Lipman, a long time industry insider, who now works for Christie's:

"I was at the card show where the card was discovered. It was at the Governor Morris Inn in Morristown, New Jersey. I remember clearly, dealers cracking their newly arrived cases of '89 Fleer and packs being sold for a quarter each. As the news of the error spread, people began pulling boxes off their tables, packs escalated to $25 then $50, and the card itself was trading hands for $100, $200, $300 each. Rabid dealers and collectors ripped open packs like animals. They were standing on tables. It was like the floor of the stock exchange. Wrappers littered the floor like ticker tape. By then end of the show the price had topped $1,000. I didn't get one, but I offered a friend of mine my entire collection for his. He smugly declined. A couple of weeks later it was down to $30."

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