C.C. Sabathia: Should He Have Weight Clauses?

C.C Sabathia
C.C Sabathia

C.C. Sabathia is close to signing a seven-year, $160 million contract with the New York Yankees. The question I have is, should there be any weight clauses in the 28-year-old pitcher's contract?

He's 6-foot-7 and listed at 290 pounds and you know listed weight is always favorable. So the first question is, does his weight matter?

Many will so no. Just look at this guy's 117-73 lifetime record, that comes with 1,400 strikeouts in his eight-year career.

But think of this as if it were your money. We know that weight issues in general, leads to health problems. If you're the Yankees, you want every chance you can get to get the maximum amount of mileage out of this guy.

According to my handy health calculator, Sabathia should be 247, given his height and his age. That was roughly the weight he was when he came into the league.

I have gone through the Collective Bargaining Agreement and it seems like a weight clause can't take away salary. But it can be put in as an incentive. Curt Schilling did it last year in his contract with Red Sox. In the contract, Schilling would make an additional $2 million if he made weight at six weigh-ins.

The Yankees aren't too keen on bonuses as they expect you to be the best. So if that's the case, are the expecting Sabathia to be the fittest without any financial motivation?

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