Sick Gifts For Guys

Warning: adult content.

USA Today has a "Great Gear to Get Your Guys" column today--cashmere scarves, Bose headphones, blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzzzz.

We at "Funny Business" wouldn't be caught dead buying any guy the suggested F/P Shower Gel. So we (ok, me) went looking for offbeat presents for men on Here are a few suggestions:

The Red Bog Monster Toilet Prank--scare the you know what out of someone before he actually reaches the toilet.

This little gem led to me several others in the "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed."

The Westminster Butt Face Towel.

The Weener Kleener Soap where "one size fits most men."

And the misleadingly named "Nipple Extractor."

There is also a YouTube video available for the USB Dancer, pole included. Buy one used on Amazon for $20.

Several people have sent me this image of an "ad" from the Detroit 3.

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