See What People Are Saying About... Rate Cuts


Is it time for the Fed to stand up to Wall Street?

Some economists think it is. They want Fed Chairman Ben Bernake to stop cutting interest rates or at least cut by less than a half point which is widely expected during next week's meeting.

Though the financial crisis still weighs heavily on the economy, these "don't cut" advocates argue that conditions have stabilized since the central bank twice cut interest rates by half a percentage point in October.

The Fed also has made aggressive and innovative moves to create liquidity that have had a faster and more effective impact on the market and the economy.

And if the Fed cuts now, it won't have a lot of wiggle room should rate cuts be needed in the future.

“I think at most we'll get 25 basis points,” predicts veteran Fed watcher David Jones, who now runs his own consulting firm, DMJ advisors. “You just don't get that much mileage from conventional rate cuts."

Bernanke's recent comments, as well as new measures ready to be implemented or under consideration, show he already knows that.

And that leads to our Fast Money Reader Poll. What do you think the Fed should do at its meeting next week?

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