Diversify and Get Out of the US

2008 has been a volatile year for investors with global markets poised to end the year firmly in bear territory.

Looking forward to 2009, Stephen Gollop, CEO of Tyche, told CNBC that the best way for investors to protect their wealth is to diversify their equity holdings.

"There are no real certainties for next year, markets will come off a bit before they start to recover," he said.

Gollop also warned investors to watch out for inflationary risks and pointed to the United States which had pumped trillions of dollars to give its flagging economy a boost.

"If that money really does have to enter into the market and into economies, inflation is going to be a big problem," he said.

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Gollop is also encouraging investors to reduce their exposure to the U.S. dollar, as it is unlikely to maintain its relative strength for long.

"What we have seen is a huge amount of divesting of assets, hedge funds coming down and selling assets too … that is supporting (the dollar) now," he said.

"I think the U.S. dollar is going to come down hard, so we need to be very aware of U.S. dollar assets," he adds.

But Gollop has a different opinion about the Yen. He thinks the Japanese currency "can go a lot more stronger yet."

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