Reader Mail: Of Autos, Senators and Trump

Okay I'm going to take some time off. But before I go I figured I'd empty out the mail bag.

Lots of you wrote in to compliment my post on Senate connections. Some actually liked the journalistic thought ...

Good job! This is what we need to see more of from the press. Please don't let real journalism die. — John

Given that most media has a large leftist slant (including a few of your cherished group), when you speak of connections and biases for politicians, shouldn't reporters admit their biases up front also? — Craig (I have mentioned that Craig)

This is a nice piece but you might also look at and I think this is the real issue which states are pro union and which one are not. — Peter

It seems that Senators with non-UAW auto plants in their states are much more likely to be against the bailout--could it be they think the foreign companies would then pick up the slack if US companies go broke--or is that too crass? — David

Other folks wrote in just to add their two-cents to the underlying debate ...

No Bailouts and no loans. The Big 3 need to change the way they do business. — Kevin

The ripple effect from the collapse of the Big 3 across this nation is not a number! PEOPLE union and non union will be effected someway jobs lost, health care and where they live will be lost as well. — Bill

Save the Big 3. You will be saving some of the best engineers in the world! — Betty

The problem with a loan, is when that's gone, they will need another when they do not fix the root problem. — Dave

Others pointed out we missed a few. Ouch.

You missed two Indiana auto plants: Greensburg, Honda (and) Lafayette, Subaru ... so much for research — Carl (Double Ouch, Carl)

Your listing of Auto facilities has a glaring ommission in the Indiana list. Kokomo, the home of major Chrysler transmission and casting plants. Also a very large GM facility or maybe now Delphi. If Chrysler and GM are allowed to go down so will Kokomo. — Dick

Some wrote in happy about my Libor is a hopeful sign post ...

Thank you bringing this to our attention. We do need as much positive forward looking information as we can get now to begin to turn negative pshycology that has a grip on a lot of us out here. — L

I am very encouraged about this yield curve analysis. it is good to have a positive sign in a lousy economy. — Heath

But I have to admit, my favorite note lately is this one about my Trump post ...

Dear Mr. Wastler:

Mr. Trump greatly appreciates your article, “Trump Magic: Why I Like The Donald”. He (jokingly) says you are 100 % correct!

Best regards,

Thuy (on behalf of the Trump Organization)

We have only the best readers! Keep an eye on the site for me while I'm gone, folks.