Opinion: Don't Fool With Mother Nature

Just like in physics, lawmakers reflexively follow the path of least resistance. And like water, they also seem to seek their own level and find the lowest point along the way.

I am not here to bash Congress or the White House and the mishmash of policy fixes that have been put forth over the past year, but I am here to raise the question: Why are we going to such extraordinary lengths to stave off what is natural, normal and arguably inevitable?

Does it strike anyone else as troubling to think what the next recession is going to be like? If we are successful in softening the current one, are we not simply deferring — and worsening — the next one?

To borrow from the bumper sticker; ''Recession Happens."

Accept it. Live with it. Embrace it. They are natural, normal, healthy and rejuvenative. Like a forest fire, they pave the way for future growth — yet still need to be contained. To stand in the way of that is futile.

To suggest that the current multi-trillion dollar porridge will not also be the cause of tomorrow's hideous hangover, is to deny the laws of nature. The growth of government and level of taxes needed to sustain it will be ruinous.

So instead of berating the beat-down of the Big 3 bailout bill... let's just admit that they were essentially bankrupt already and start moving to contain and control the fire.

And instead of trying to put out a fire with dollar bills, let's allow economic nature to take its course — and try only to contain it.