Pros Say: China Won't Save World from Recession

As the debt-laden U.S. consumer grows more and more reluctant to spend and Europeans are cutting down on consumption, the world looks to China for salvation. But experts interviewed by CNBC explain why China will not save the global economy from recession.

China Will Rely on Itself


China will be the second fastest growing economy in the world next year and it is expected to grow at 4.9 percent, according to Dariusz Kowalcyzk, chief investment strategist at CFC Seymour. But its growth will be driven by domestic demand and will not save the world from recession in 2009.

Government Stimulus Won't Help

Global economies will recover on their own and not due to government stimulus or central bank action, says Jim Walker, founder and CEO of Asianomics. He tells CNBC why they are merely adding fuel to the fire.

China Set to Outperform in 2009


The Chinese market is set to be among the best performing markets in 2009, says Gabriel Gondard, deputy chief investment officer at Fortune SGAM Fund Management. He discusses his optimism.

Asia to be Strongest Driver in '09

Morgan Stanley says Asian countries will be the strongest drivers in '09, with BRIC consumers becoming more valuable to the future of the global economy than their US counterparts. Jonathan Garner, global emerging market strategist at Morgan Stanley tells CNBC why Asian markets will outperform, specifically China and Taiwan.

Opportunities Emerging in China

Stefan Hofer, emerging markets strategist at Julius Baer sees some interesting plays within the Chinese markets due to Beijing's stimulus plan. He shares his investment strategy.

Smart Deals Are Out There

The private equity market has bottomed out, according to Clive Hyman, CEO of Hyman Capital Services Limited.

"The secondary capital players who are very savvy, beginning to go back into doing some smart deals, and I think they're out there," Hyman told CNBC. "The smart deals are that they're budding up with industrial companies and basically funding acquisition programs."

"People need to raise equity to fund acquisition programs. Private equity have the money, and therefore prices must be right, and essentially it is a good time to get in. And I do believe we are at the bottom of the cycle."

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