Mad Mail: Trading Toll Brothers

Booyah Jim: I'm interested in Toll Brothers as both an investor and a homebuyer. TOL's unwillingness to lower home prices flies in the face of local market conditions and has been very frustrating for me in what is supposed to be a buyer's market. I can see they're looking long-term, but at some point, they've got to sell some houses. How should I view TOL's position as an investor? --Andrew

Cramer says: “…Toll Brothers’ homes have come down a great deal. Now maybe they haven’t come down enough to intrigue you, but there has definitely been a decline…Toll at $20 does not intrigue me. Toll at $18 is good…”


Dr. Cramer: In Stay Mad For Life you recommend CGM Focus. After this season's turmoil do you still back Ken Heebner as one of the best fund managers around? –Anthony

Cramer says: “…I am not changing my view on Heebner one bit…I just like the way Heebner’s done over the long term.”


Cramer says: “Jim: You recently recommended Nordic American Tanker with its high yield and low price-to-earnings multiple. Over the past year, it has earned $3.12 per share while paying out $4.89 per share in dividends. A similar situation exists in Diana Shipping, which has earned $2.74 per share and paid out $3.31 per share in the past year. How can these companies stay in business while paying out more than they earn each year? --Hal

Cramer says: “…You have to look at cash flow, not what they earned. And NAT does not have an ounce of debt. The reason I like Nat is because they’re not borrowing to pay that dividend, which is the difference why I think NAT should be bought and bought aggressively right here...NAT is one of my absolute favorite names for 2009.”

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