Market Tips: Gold, Dollar Lose their Appeal

Investors were cautious on stocks but sold the dollar Tuesday ahead of the Federal Reserve's rate decision. Experts interviewed by CNBC see safe havens like gold and the greenback losing their appeal.

Gold Losing its Luster?

Gold is an important part of a portfolio, but Kirk West, MD of Asia at Principal Global Investors thinks the best of its returns are behind us. He reveals how else one can invest in today's "Protect Your Wealth".


Dollar to Lose Safe-Haven Status?

The U.S. dollar is likely to lose its appeal as a safe-haven currency, believes John Kyriakopoulos, head of currency strategy at NAB Capital.

Sideways Trading is Good

"The reason that we're seeing some of the selloff right now is the inability to attract any new initiative-type buying activity up above the 900 level on the S&P," Ben Lichtenstein, president at said, adding that a Santa rally is unlikely for stocks.

"A little bit of sideways activity is good for the market at this point."

High Returns Within the Next 12 Months

There is a chance that you could get extraordinarily high returns out of markets over the next 12 months, says Adrian Mowat, chief Asian & EM equity strategist at JPMorgan.

Funds' Performance Will Pick Up in '09

Adrian Mowat, chief Asian & EM equity strategist at JPMorgan is sure that the hedge fund community and long-only fund community will pick up performance in 2009.

Investing in Japan

When investing in Japan, adopt a barbell strategy, advises Pearlyn Wong, investment analyst at Bank Julius Baer. She advocates holding an equal weighting in domestic stocks and exporters.

Challenging Environment for Asian Banks

Moody's cut its outlook for most Asian bank systems as regional lenders are likely to experience a more challenging operating environment over the next 12 to 18 months, according to its senior VP of financial institutions group Deborah.

Gold Bars
Gold Bars

Asia's Macro Outlook Seen Improving in 2009

Macro-wise, things in Asia don't look good this year but are set to improve in 2009, Peter Redward, head of research for Emerging Markets Asia at Barclays Capital said.

Value in Aussie Resources Sector

Kirk West, managing director of Asia at Principal Global Investors is beginning to see valuations at the extreme in the Aussie resources sector. He tells CNBC that long-term investors can look to selectively accumulate in this sector.

Cloudy Skies for China Airlines

China's aviation sector is expected to remain lackluster in the first-half of 2009 despite lower fuel prices and the China-Taiwan direct links. Ally Ma, research analyst at Citi shares her cautious outlook for the sector.