Sports Holiday Gift Guide For 2008

Around this time of year, I like to do a Holiday Gift Guide. As a sign of the times, I am dialing it down and giving you one item. It might be unfair because it's from the same guys who brought you one of the items from last year, but I'm so convinced their latest is one of the coolest items this year, I'm giving them props again.

Last year, the folks at That' had their audio CD's where you could insert your child's name into a faux sports broadcast. It was hit with viewers and readers. This year, the company is making high quality personalized sports images in nice frames for a reasonable price ($49.95 for basic frame, $69.95 for premium frame). They have licenses with all the NFL, MLB and NHL teams, so you can get a variety of prints made.

The image right below is my Mets locker room print where it has my "Rovell" jersey hanging in the clubhouse.


And the next image is a Denver Broncos action collage print made for "Squawk Box" anchor Carl Quintanilla. It's pretty nice how they have actual players with their facsimile autograph surrounding you.


And finally, for the older fans, a sign of a personalized sports bar. Here's the Reds bar made for "Squawk Box" anchor Joe Kernen.


They tell me that today is the absolute last day that you can order to get it in time for Christmas, so if you think this is cool, you can go to That' and place your order. That means that if you celebrate Kwanzaa, they can still get it to you. As for Chanukah, they can probably present it by the fourth of fifth night.

Questions? Comments?