BlackRock's Doll: Buy More Risk!

BlackRock vice chairman and global chief investment officer of equities Bob Doll says it's time to re-introduce risk into portfolios.

"My view has been that we're in a bottoming process, and I think that within portfolios, the uni-dimensional 'I only want quality' has to be augmented here," he told CNBC. "I think portfolios need to, slowly but surely, add some risk to them."


He has some evidence to back up his assertion.

"I look at baskets of stocks," Doll explained. "My quality basket is Amgen, Kroger , and Exxon (Mobil), and my low-quality is Capital One(Financial), Toll Brothers, and Valero."

Doll's conclusion? He declared: "The second group handily beat the first group!"


Disclosure information for Bob Doll was not immediately available.